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More people are listening to podcasts than ever before. According to Edison Research, the number of American’s who listen to a podcast each week has grown 100% over the past four years, and 67 million American’s listen to a podcast every month.

As the audience for podcasts continues to grow, there has never been a better time to start a podcast for your church, business, or a personal hobby and take advantage of this exciting new medium.

While you might really enjoy singing in the shower, recording in small spaces with hard, flat surfaces will almost always mean a more reverberant sounding recording. If possible, you’ll want to record in a quiet, large room with plenty of space around you.

Whether you’re recording solo or with a number of guests, we have you covered. With our large live room and twelve foot isolation booth, we have everything you need to ensure crystal clear, professional sounding audio.

Already have something recorded but still need a quick edit or polish? Send us the recorded files and we will return fully edited, mixed and polished recordings ready for uploading to your podcasting platforms.

Looking for a unique and memorable theme or musical opener or transitions for your podcast? We will create the perfect sounding musical track that is exclusively yours.

But wait, there’s more…

We also offer video and photography services in our studio before, during, and after your recording session for promotion on Youtube and social media.

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How about social media marketing strategies for your new podcast? We have you covered there too! We are masters of digital and social media marketing and will help guide you in reaching the largest audience out there!

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Podcast services offered:

  • Recording

  • Editing

  • Mixing

  • Music Creation for Intro, Outro, or Transitions

  • Photo and/or Video Capture

  • Social Media & Digital Marketing